We love the ocean and we want  to do what we can in reducing our environmental footprint, we believe in making the most of the resources we already have. Sustainability is important to us at Wandrful. Our Beach Towels are made from rPET post-consumer plastic, which otherwise would have landed up in landfill and the worst case into our beautiful oceans harming the precious marine life.

Besides from reducing landfill, the production of recycled polyester has major environmental advantages over virgin polyester. rPET uses less water, less energy, and vastly reduces carbon emissions compared to virgin fibre does in production.

The post-consumer plastic, which otherwise would have ended up in landfill is collected and cleaned, shredded into flakes and melted down into chips. The shredded plastic chips are then converted and turned into yarns. The yarns are then woven together to create the unique eco-friendly quick-drying material. A total of 20 plastic bottles are recycled into each Wandrful sand-free beach towel, helping the environment one towel at a time.

Made for beach adventures. Wandrful is inspired by the never-ending pursuit of wondrous locations from around the world.

Discover breathtaking aerial photography from our favourite coastlines we like to call home, printed on eco-friendly, sand-free, lightweight beach towels.

Uniquely designed, stylish, beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly. Look good, feel good whilst doing good on all your beach adventures.

Wandrful is proudly 100% Australian owned and designed in Sydney.  


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